Recce sign on details 2018

Recce Sign on at Quality Hotel,Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th March and Thursday 15th & Friday 16th March between 8:30am – 12noon. Three passes maximum per stage allowed

Recce 9am - 5.30pm only

Mechanical Scrutiny 2018

Mechanical Scrutiny will take place Friday, March 16th at Clonakilty Car Care on the western side of the town's by-pass road.

Open at 4pm and will close at 9 pm.

Documentation details 2018

Documentation Scrutiny from 4pm to 9pm Friday March 16th, at Quality Hotel Clonakilty.

Competitors will have 30 minutes after mechanical to attend documentation scrutiny.

Seeded entry list

for the 2018

Quality Hotel Clonakilty West Cork Rally

is available here