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Huge Support For 2024 Marshals Draw

The eagerly anticipated 3-day Clonakilty Park Hotel West Cork Rally is upon us. The nested heart of Clonakilty and surrounding areas will come alive to the sound of roaring engines, and an electric atmosphere as we combine St. Patricks Weekend with Rallying.

Europe’s 2nd Largest event, it takes true commitment and dedication from a strong team to make the rally happen and in particular, our marshals. Marshals are the backbone of every motorsport event, and without them, our events simply would not take place. These are the brave men, women & youths that stand on a ditch or by a post in all weather conditions, all year round, and ensure that each of our events runs as smoothly as possible.

Marshals must deal with the public, communicate with officials, the media, and sometimes the competitors. They are often the first people at the scene of an accident so they must be competent, trained, and have a level head to deal with any situation that arises. As Chief Marshal, I would like to take the opportunity to thank those business and people who sponsored prizes toward our marshal draw. It is a token of appreciation to everyone who is involved in any way to keep the event moving. A lot of hard work and effort from the strong background team has gone into the event so, in this case, I would like to acknowledge these people.

To Roddy, and his team at Mondello Park, for their generous giving of a BMW Unique Track Experience and Tutoring Day for 1 lucky person who will marshal on the West Cork Rally this year.

One lucky marshal will satisfy the craving for speed and control with the BMW M2 Series Coupé, boasting a top speed of 285 km/h. It’s not just about reaching your destination; it’s about relishing the sheer joy of commanding the road with unmatched performance. Experience the marriage of power and finesse that defines the essence of this exceptional driving machine. They will experience the genuine feeling of motorsport with a BMW M model provided by Mondello Park under the watchful eye of a professional Driving Instructor. These professional Driving Instructors will teach you how to optimise your driving style, with training laps in a BMW 2 series.

To David and his team at Rally Travel for his generous offer of a £100/€100 voucher to be used toward a tour for any WRC Trip for one lucky marshal.

To our main rally merchandise provider, Gary, at McEvoy Motorsport for his offer of 4 €50 online vouchers. McEvoy Motorsport is the leading supplier of Irish International rally clothing for events.

To CMC & The Clonakilty Park Hotel, for their offer of a 2-night B+B Stay in Rally HQ over the WCR 2025 weekend with one evening meal for 2 people.

To RAC Quality Engineering for their generous giving of 4 €50’s - a small business who work to provide satisfaction for all its clients. Specialising in the building and maintaining of Concrete Batching Plants and all things Steel related – with a longstanding motorsport background, we like to recognise the work and effort of all volunteers within the sport as without them we couldn’t rally.

To Killian Duffy of OnThePacenote for providing one of his sought after, Clip of the Rally Jackets.

And finally, our 14 €50 Clonakilty Vouchers which will be done per stage.

West Cork 2024 will be done to remember, and I hope you all have a safe and enjoyable weekend. When you are out spectating, please obey marshal instructions and only stand where it is safe to do so. Always expect the unexpected. You can sign into our marshal sportity channel also by inputting the password:

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